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Someone's Knocking at the Green Door ....

Someone's Knocking at the Green Door ....

We made it !  The cottages have all reached the end of 'Phase 1' of renovations & are now spruced up and looking beautiful in time to welcome our lovely guests for the Summer Season!  It has been another incredibly busy few weeks with the new three piece suites finally arriving for Lavender, Thyme & Rosemary topped off with cushions in pops of colour in Lavender, Lemon & Rose Red (yes the aim is to reflect the cottage names in their individual colour schemes).   I have to say they look amazing and can't wait to hear what our Guest's think of the new look - all feedback gratefully received !  Additional photos will be added to the Badgers webpage once the photo shoot has been completed in a couple of weeks. 


Painting has been a definite theme at Badgers over the past few weeks, dark brown stain/paint is being banished and replaced with a sparkling white for the interior doors, whilst the exteriors are now strutting a lovely sage green (my favourite Nat Trust shade)!  In fact both myself and 'he who does' are currently blending in rather nicely with green and white paint theme, I now have no need for expensive highlights and he is sporting additional specks of white/grey in his hair (actually looks quite distinguished), although I have kept that thought to myself  .


Last weekend brought the promise of warm balmy Summer days and light relaxing evenings to our lovely little valley,  just right for BBQs and the odd glass of wine or two with friends!  With this in mind Weber BBQs were duly purchased by yours truly and handed over to 'him that does' for putting together.  The first attempt was I think something of a challenge, however this was valiantly overcome with the result being new BBQs now in situ in the cottage gardens!


We have also had an imposter in the form of a Mole (or two) stampeding and generally running riot over  our beautiful 1.5 acre gardens, definitely not a welcome visitor and needed to be discouraged at all costs!  Along came 'Adam' our friendly local farmer neighbour who offered to dispatch with them pronto. The good news (for Chris Isaac, of Westernweb and friend to these little creatures ), is that the Mole was caught alive & unharmed then moved on to a better place, far, far away from our garden, which is a great end to this little story for all involved!


We are now looking forward to May and the two Bank Holiday weekends that come with this lovely Month.  The gardens, now 'mole free' are  vibrant with colour, ably assisted by the stunning Magnolia and Camellias in gorgeous shades of crimson, soft pinks and creamy whites.  


Badgers is now fully booked for the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May, however we have vacancies for the beginning of May, why not take a look at our Availability Page and treat yourself to a few days away from it all in one of our gorgeous cottages and take the oppurtunity to discover the  'Bluebell Walks' in the local area whilst you are here, they are looking stunning and smelling divine!


Here's to the arrival of Summertime!


Julie (the other half of the owner).

Bluebells at Lanhydrock

Posted: 24 April 2018

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